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Report: Nail Salon Hygiene Manager Seminar on 14 Oct 2016

We had Salon Hygiene Manager Certification Seminar on 14 Oct 2016.


Certified Salon Hygiene Managers


“Good lesson and knowledge given. Hope this can reach out to more nailists out there. “
– Joanna Lee from Princess’s Cottage

“This course benefits me a lot, as to how to handle the different states of customers’ nails so that we can provide them with accurate advise.”
– Chevonne Yang from Princess’s Cottage

“Attended Salon Hygiene Manager Seminar at Tokyo Nails and Eyelash Academy. Ms Pearl and Rika Sensei are very helpful! I enjoyed the course a lot!”
– Sanice Chin

“Very well explained with great examples. Good Experience! Easy to understand and all queries have been answered. Very worth it! Teacher was very friendly and helpful. Thank You! “
–Keshika Kumar from Kimaya Artistry

Salon Hygiene Manager Seminar Schedule


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