Professional Certification for Nails & Eyelash Extension
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Nail Exam

5This certification exam aims to improve proper technique and knowledge and also provides useful practice.
The two types of certification are: nail certification and gel nail certification.
The nail certification is a three-level certification, with 1st Grade being the highest. The gel nail certification is comprised of two levels: Advanced and Beginner. The 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade nail exams are taken together.

Nail Certification


To prove your skill and knowledge

1st Grade

Comprehensive skills and knowledge required of a top level nail technician

2nd Grade

Nail care/nail art skills and knowledge suitable for salon work

3rd Grade

Basic skills and knowledge of nail care and coloring

Gel Nail Certification

Advanced: Comprehensive skills and knowledge required of a gel nail technician
Beginner: Basic operation and knowledge of gel nail

Nail Examination Registration Guideline

Download exam-registration-guide.pdf Exam Registration Form

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