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The First JANEA Nail Salon Hygiene Manager Seminar in KL finished successfully!

We are very happy to announce that The first Malaysia JANEA Nail Salon Hygiene Manager Certification Seminar was succefully held at Yu Nail + Eyelash Academie et Salon in KL and all candidates are awarded JANEA Nail Salon Hyegiene Manager.  Congratutarions!!! We appreciate Nakashima sensei’s big support for this seminar and thank you all joined this first JANEA seminar in Malaysia! JANEAネイルサロン衛生管理士セミナーの 第一回マレーシア開催が無事終了し、受講生の方皆様JANEA衛生管理士サーティフィケートを授与されました。 おめでとうございます! 初めてのマレーシア開催にご尽力いただいた中島先生とご参加くださった受講生の方に感謝いたします。

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